Hayao Miyazaki is Not Dragon Ball Z!

I have this thing about Western parodies of anime.

I don’t mind it when they assume all anime are Dragon ball z and what not, we all have our misconceptions. I still can’t see Vampire romance as anything else but Twilight-esque horribleness even though my brain knows that there is bound to be something much better in the genre. Consider it a gag reflex.

No, what makes me angry is when they copy Miyazaki’s art style and make it into a Dragon Ball Z reference.

If you were parodying Dragonball Z and making fun of it I’d ignore it. They’re assuming all of anime is the same as the shallow and most popular version of it. We’re to blame for this since we shonen fans made DBZ the most popular anime ever (and we don’t regret it for a moment).

Miyazaki, however, is one of the greatest, deepest, most prolific directors ever. Each story he creates taps deep into our hearts and teaches more than I will ever learn from any of my other favourite shows or series.

What these parodies are doing is taking the best anime has to offer, the ones people worked hardest on and offers more than most (most) western shows will ever offer, and belittles it.

It’s sort of like parodying Leonardo Da Vinci (Did I spell that right?) by painting a million girls looking like the Mona Lisa in slutty outfits. What does Leonardo have to do with slutty outfits? What does the Mona Lisa have to do with the main art styles of Mona Lisa? Did the creator even research what he was making fun of?

If you make fun of Miyazaki, at least do so knowing a thing or two about his movies


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