I Don’t Want To Go Either (Basic story idea)

Basic idea for a horror psychological tragedy story

“Dad! My schoolteacher is eating all of his students! He’s planning to do it tonight when you come to talk to him about my report card!” A  child says.

The father then proceeded to sit down and listen to the child and realize that this was more than just a clever way to get out of the parent teacher meet up and that there was something sinister going on at school. He first called the police and then phoned as many parents he could not to attend the school meeting until the police had solved the issue. He celebrates with his child.

However, as he’s celebrating the child begins to say some very ominous things. Then, when the child goes to bed he disappears underneath his blanket sheets. The entire world starts to go haywire with symbolic shit everywhere that culminates with him driving in his car trying to escape it. Before he makes it, however, he finds his son. He takes him into the car and drives off away from the craziness.

While he’s driving his son is acting strange, like he doesn’t notice the world going to shits. He says: “I don’t want to go.” The father has no idea what the son is talking about and is about to lose his temper, saying “I don’t want to either, but-” but then his son vanishes again.

He drives to the school. He has to avoid some sinister looking teachers out to get him, all of them screaming about how delicious the boy was, and how much of a failure the boy was in school. There’s an echoing of him saying “Do you think I want to go either? I don’t want to sit around hearing teachers tell me how incompetent my son is!” Suddenly, he makes it into the school gym, where his son appears. The ceiling begins to break down as rubble begins to fall. He makes it to his son on time and his son says “I want to go home.”

The camera then pans out to see that the man is a comatose patient, the only survivor in a cave in at a parent teacher school meeting.


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