My Personal Meaning of Existence

Move a stone. Breathe some air. Be born. Have been conceived. You are forever ingrained in causality.
Because you did one thing, or were simply born the universe is different. Because someone, anyone and everyone before us affected the world in their time we are living in a universe different than if they hadn’t.

Our identities are made of three components: our life, our decisions, and what the external world sees of us (other people or non living things). Our lives don’t last forever but that’s okay. It is the driving force of our identity’s beginnings but our identity lives on in the other two components. In our changes and effects on the universe, even after we’re forgotten we are immortal.

This is also why it’s important to strive to do whatever you perceive to be “good” or “morally correct.” Remember that you are who you are or live in the world you live because of every living thing before you affecting the world in large or small ways. 
Within you, you carry the identities of trillions of beings and you are burdened with the task of making sure their changes to the world means something positive.

One day, the universe will end. One day, heat death will wipe us all into a cosmic pool with no proof that we were ever alive. But in our time and through our decisions and choices we control the story before that. We choose whether the adventurous days before the end was that of great joy and a life well lived or a life of stagnation and ongoing wars never solved. We choose whether the end will be a happy welcome slumber after an existence well spent or a horrifying premature end. All of us affect the result through our choices, or just by being and all of us carry the duty to take a step forward and at least try to control what effect you’ll have on the world.

Who the Hell said I wasn’t optimistic?


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