I Have Now Finished Another College Essay

And I apparently found this an interesting enough topic to write about?

See, here’s the thing I have noticed about writing college papers. When I finish them I don’t feel hope that it’s a good one, I feel hope that it’s passing. I feel apathetic to the idea that it will get me a good mark. This is not to say I haven’t gotten great marks for college papers, it’s just that I don’t feel particular confident about it.

The goal for me is to pass. I work hard to gain a good grade, the best I possibly can, but I never feel any passion for it. I do feel passion when I write, but after I put the pencil down from the first draft I lose it all. I am spent but not satisfied. I don’t feel unsatisfied, either, I don’t feel anything. I hope to pass, but I hope for that the same way I hope to one day own an organized standing desk. There’s no passion in that hope. It’s like, I know that I hope for that but I don’t feel that hope.

Anyway, I hope this paper passes. Hopefully it gets a great grade, but if it doesn’t it’s not the end of the world just yet.


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