About Art

Sorry, but I have to post things here before I post it on Tumblr to ensure copyright:

To all artists out there putting themselves down about their own art and how “bad” it is:

Please, shut up about how you can’t draw or write.

I’m not a good writer or artist, but I will never whine about it. I may never improve on my skill as hard as I try, but I won’t be the one to criticize my own work. I’ll critique it, recognize the many flaws. I’ll ask many people to review it and not hold back.

But I’ll never call it “trash” (Drivel, maybe. But I won’t delete it). If you won’t appreciate your own art, why should anyone else?

I’m about to post a drawing. It’s not a good drawing, even by my own standards. You know what? I’m still glad I decided to draw it. 

A quote from One Piece’s Tom the shipwright: 

“Even if the ship you’ve made could hurt somebody…even if it could bring ruin to the world…It’s only parent must give it love! You mustn’t deny that which you’ve created! The ship isn’t to blame!

When a man’s made a ship he make’s a part of himself…!”


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