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Bacchus Who Jumps the Wicker Man Fence: Prologue

Sometimes, I don’t want to write highly sophisticated dramas or horrors. Sometimes I don’t want to experiment with new genres. Sometimes I like to kick back and write a story in the genre I’m most comfortable with: Epic Cosmic Fantasy Adventure! Expect fight scenes. An excess of fight scenes. 

This is an introduction. I love huge and complicated Cosmic settings, don’t you?


Within the vast and endless void is the Elder Beam, a vast ray of photon-like particles propelling itself forward out to infinite. At its travelling head is a chunk of solid mass shaped similarly to an aberrant spiderweb. Its body is incomprehensibly long, elongating as the head propels out to infinite. Its tail end remains somewhere in the void, likely remaining where the head was created before it began to move away, never moving.

The Elder Beam produces its own energy in vast amounts, enough to propel it for trillions upon trillions of lightyears per millisecond. With so much momentum propelling it one direction the Elder Beam rarely turns a different direction. However, when it does,  something happens within the resulting kink produced in its beam-like body. When the Elder Beam turns, the energy buildup in the turning point of its body causes the photon-like subatomic mass to swirl and bubble and act very unlike a beam of light at all. The mass changes on a subatomic level and forms a benign tumor in the Elder Beam’s body.

A Universe is formed.

Down along the Elder Beam’s body, closer to its tail then its constantly travelling head, lay a universe where the entity had once shifted its direction. It was not the first tumor it had created and would not be the last but there was not another universe along the being’s body for millions of Units (1 Unit=1 diameter of an average tumor). The universe sat alone. Within each tumor is a different type of universe. The mass of the Elder Beam’s body could create many concepts, most of which were incomprehensible. Most of the time the tumors contained “space” and “mass” but every now and then they could produce completely different concepts. This universe held space and mass. It was an odd shape: not completely spherical and resembling a pepper or a gourd. A layer of membrane separated the universe into two sections, each roughly the same size. Within one section there was high amounts of entropy. The spots were littered with heat spots, cosmically huge areas of space of searing heat. Many of the galaxies were packed into enormous clusters with very few individual galaxies existing independently. The other section also had galaxy clusters and heat spots but they were much smaller and the galaxies were all more evenly distributed.

It is within the latter universe that our story begins. It begins on a blue and yellow planet that revolves around a large yellow sun in a galaxy drifting along the large cosmic membrane. The planet is known as Deus Shore, home of Bacchus Alighieri.



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