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True Horror

You beginner horror novelists think you’re terrifying? No, you’re just visceral. True horror never sells because it’s too dangerous for the populace. True Horror is found in the back of ancient book collector’s stores, sold to museums or cultists.

True Horror Stories change people. Make people grow crazy. Changes the way they look at the world, at people, at themselves. Sometimes it makes monsters. Sometimes it makes victims.

True Horror Stories are bombs that never stop being active, and their makers are the worst of the worst. Their’s are the minds of geniuses, too smart for this fabric of reality to hold. Their knowledge makes them powerful but their ability to write makes them dangerous. They are the true Horror Masters and their names are never known.

True Horror Stories rip minds apart. Readers don’t turn the page with their fingers, but rather they struggle to stop the pages from turning themselves. The book controls the eyes, the story controls the mind, and the binding of the books often do something sinister to the skin, something seeps through the pores. It’s not poison, it’s not spirits, but psychological: It’s the unfocused, all wrathful will of the writers who knew too much. It’s their revenge against the even crueler world they understand. It’s their dreams, their nightmares, their horrible smiles etched on their face when they wrote. That’s the story of True Horror.


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