Half Assed Horror Time! #1 The Earth Bleeds

I swear, this wasn’t going to be a Junju Ito Ripoff when I fist started. Here’s a half assed horror story that I will admit is surprisingly solid. 

Once upon a time, underneath every human being in the world, a hole exactly their size opened up underneath them. People sitting on the earth fell through the holes instantly. People atop water bodies found whatever docks or boats they were on top of breaking in half and falling, and yet remaining quite dry, straight into a parting in the water and through a hole that formed down the earth. People in buildings found themselves falling through gaps cracks and gaps that formed through the floors before falling into the hole in the earth. People in planes found themselves falling from the sky straight into the holes awaiting them in the earth.

Though there were no longer any humans, all was not silent. The remaining animals could hear screams echoing from the holes that continued for years. Eventually the screaming stopped.

Many years later a green fluid began spouting from the holes. It smelled of methane and rot. The fluid could be eaten by whatever animal was interested it. It was absorbed into the roots of plants and was found to be nutritious. 

Many of the less intelligent of animals that ate the fluid did not think much of it, but some of the intelligent animals who ate them heard soft screaming when they did. Words that did not mean anything to them whispered: “We made the earth bleed and now we bleed out the earth, such is the punishment of the Earth!


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