Improvisation / Short story

Improvisation cut short by feelings and Nostalgia

I feel so stupid. I have been neglecting this blog on the grounds that I didn’t know what to write about. Then it hit me: this blog has a theme of Improvisation!

Or, at least, I hope it does. But the point is, I’ve improvised writing many times on writing this blog and there is no reason that I shouldn’t continue to do so! TIME TO IMPROVISE A STORY!

[Edit: I started in a happy mood while writing this, but after watching the season 6 premier of Adventure Time, I am now in a writer’s melancholic mood…I won’t let it affect the tone of the story, though]

It was a dark and stormy night. It was the type of snow storm that you attribute to  happy children and crying drivers and parents. From their windows children watched the individual snow flakes made visible for a brief moment when they flew under the street lights before vanishing in the dark again. The force of the snow could rip the bark off of trees of they weren’t stuck frozen to the trunk. It had already wrested some shingles from the roof top of Mandy Starbought’s house and her father would have to wait for the colder parts of winter to be over before he could fix the damage.

Mandy and her brother were not affected by the same worries and silent prayers for an early spring as her parents, however. The family had nowhere to go and the last day of school before the holidays was going to be cancelled. All was well as far as they were concerned. Mandy looked at her nine year old brother, Mortimer, or Momo as she called him. He was bouncing happily on the sofa watching the snow storm before losing interest and continuing to bounce while staring at nothing in particular.

The world was new for him. Little experiences were a big deal to him. The look of the room, lit up in contrast to the cold darkness outside. The beauty and feeling of safety and comfort that his parents couldn’t feel and Mandy herself felt a little less than he did. Winter wasn’t problematic for him.

For now, it wasn’t problematic for her either. Mandy smiled and wrapped her arms around him and they bounced happily.

The End

Why the end? Because I just became nostalgic about how I used to see Christmas and now I’m all emotional. I can’t write improv emotional. Also, I have literally nowhere to take this story.



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