To the best Moirail

Hey Soul <>
This is a letter about how I feel about our friendship. I hope this letter doesn’t make you uncomfortable and if it does I apologize.
I know you’re going through a lot and we don’t have many opportunities to talk to each other anymore. I’m always either working or sleeping and I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I know you can get through it, though. I believe in you. But that’s why I wanted to send you this now, in case we don’t get to talk again for a super long time. I wanted you to know just how much this friendship of ours means to me and how thankful I am for it.
Back in, March? I think it was March when you (through proxy) said you liked me I was flattered and really happy. But I wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time and suggested being your moirail, which was probably one of the best decisions I have made because you’re an excellent friend. I think you’re the first person who wanted to hear about my problems, even amongst my family. I don’t think you, or I myself back then, knew how much that meant.
I still remember some of the conversations we had and, even though it was really late at night, I remember enjoying all of them. Even though they were happening in the middle of studying and essay writing, I didn’t mind. Even when the Skype Gods didn’t let us voice chat, it was fun. I know we couldn’t talk that often because of school on my end and work on yours and I’m still sorry about that. I thought that when my semester ended we would talk a lot more often.
I don’t know what got in the way but we didn’t talk as often as I hoped even when school ended for me. At least we got Skype going, though. Remember me not ever showing you my face, like, ever? And showing you, like, half of it like a scared kitty? Did I ever send you all of it? Sorry for the disappointment that you undoubtedly felt when you learned I was secretly an Asian. It was nothing next to when I found out I was Asian, though. It was a weird Birthday, let me tell you. In all seriousness, and I’m sorry if I make you nervous by saying this, I was really surprised when you sent me a video of yourself. I didn’t know you were so, well, beautiful. In an entirely Pale way, if that makes sense or is even a thing.
You’ve said that my lack of things to talk about made your job harder. The truth was that I did have problems and emotions I was bottling up. I just didn’t know until we talked that one time. I still don’t understand half of them and I’ve never wanted to talk to anyone about them before. You’re different. I feel happier when talking to you, so I guess that meant that, for me at least, it was a real, honest to god moiraillegance. Hussie might be on to something and should start his own new age religion book series right away.
If it was for you too then I’m happy. If it wasn’t then I’m glad to have you as a friend nevertheless.
I know you’re going through something really rough and I want to be there to help. But I’m too far away. All I can do is send my thanks and my best wishes. You have my support, no matter what. I hope we can chat again soon but I understand if we can’t for a while. Whenever you can, just send me back a reply, okay? Like, on skype or Tumblr, or text message or something.
<> Crow.
❤ Crow.
P.P.S. I tried replacing all of the “you” in this with Mew, but it was phony without the other puns so I changed them back.


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