Different Walks

I consider myself a walker. My “Walking Distance” is most people’s “Too Far to Drive” and I’m damn proud of the fact. 

However, I find that there are two different types of walks that I go on.

Junk Food Walk is going on a walk while playing music in my ears. Seeing as I am also a huge nerd and a writer who participates in the science fiction and fantasy genre, I also do a lot of scenario building while listening to music.This kind of walk is one I can do for hours and sometimes purposely lengthen with unnecessary detours because I’m enjoying my music too well. I’m sure that this sort of walk burns just as much calories as a walk without music in my ears, and maybe even more so, but there is a loss here. I find that I don’t feel as refreshed mentally from such a walk. Normal walks are calming and help clear one’s mind, but this one fills it up with fun ideas and is mentally tiring.

Soothing Walk is simply walking without earphones or even imagining music. I usually take these walks in the woods or peaceful communities. Studying for tests, or spending hours writing a manuscript can really take a toll on one’s mind and be stressful, and these quiet walks are useful in keeping one’s self relaxed. Without the music rocking your brain, the soothing walk is a treasure I am thankful for.

This is just something I noticed. Take what you will from this suggestion and take lots of walks, jogs, whatever you do with your feet. Good bye!


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