I have decided that I no longer have to be a writer. Perhaps it is simply burn out that I am feeling, but after reevaluating life choices and my decisions I have decided that a more fulfilling life awaits me not in writing but in political sciences, economics, and ethics. Perhaps I’ll travel the world by joining that group of volunteers who have their travel and food fees paid for them. Perhaps I’ll start my own bee farm and raise awareness about company manufactured crop seeds and pesticides.

Writing won’t leave my identity, but it will probably remain with me the same way being a fan of Spongebob Squarepants for my entire childhood never truly left me. I don’t purchase Spongebob DVDs anymore, and I may give up chasing a career as a writer. I feel a great loss becacuse there were stories in my mind, worked on for years, that I may be giving up. One particular story is one I poured my heart, soul, ideologies and emotions into.

I’ll still write fun fantasy and Science Fiction stories, though. I still watch old episodes of Spongebob when they come on. That’s too fun to give up. 


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