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One hand Typed Post

I’m learning how to type using only one hand. I want to prepare for anything that would hinder my writing, up to amputation of both arms. I also practice oral storytelling like the Africans do.

Speaking of oral storytelling, does anybody still tell stories? Like, actually tell stories, maybe make it up as they go/ I love it, but I’m afraid it might be becoming a lost art.

…I just typed all of that with my right hand and it took forever. now I’m doing it with my left and it feels so much more comfortable…

Anyway, about oral storytelling. I feel a quality of oral storytelling that you don’t get from reading or writing. For me, it’s sort of like if books are packages and only by telling the story are you unwrapping and using it. There is a level of emotion and intimacy in the act of reading aloud and reading to somebody.

…Yep, left hand is definitely the typing hand. It types more of the words than right hand does, I suppose….


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