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Fifteen Minute Runs and Fifteen Minutes of Fun

You know, I think Library Express (15 minutes) computers with internet access are the best thing for me. My library is rarely very busy, so I get more than one session. Most of the time, I have infinite sessions! I just have to remember to watch out for that timer at the top hand corner of my computer and save whatever I write.

As a constant procrastinator, the system helps me manage my time. I spend one 15 minute session doing nothing but writing. Then I spend the next one, I don’t know, writing something unimportant, or maybe playing MechQuest, or watching Rap Critic tear a rap song to pieces. Then I come back here to write out the next fifteen minutes. In 45 minutes, in theory, I would only finish about 30 minutes worth of writing. Is this bad?

Well, for one thing, 30 minutes worth of writing in forty five minutes sounds pretty good for constant procrastinators who get, maybe, ten minutes worth of writing done in that time. 

Plus, I tend to spend most of my “free fifteen minute slots” writing anyway while listening to music on the other tab, so I’m getting a little more than just 30 minutes worth of writing done. 

That’s all I have to say on the subject for now. Next time, Hopefully, I’ll publish an actual piece of prose or poetry.


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