Improvisation time, not now

Right now, I’m still feeling the high of Homestuck Upd8ing and I’m listening to Guns N’ Roses on my other tab (maybe I’ll switch to Led Zeppelin later) so I’m gonna try to improvise a story based on my HS induced euphoria while pumped up with Guns N’ Roses.”

I’ll be checking out the pics from a certain other WordPress User

Hmm, I’m seeing a lot of snow atop of greenery…lost of frost…and mysteeeerious footprints…

…remember back when I was obsessed with Adventure Time. This was two years ago exact, now that’ it’s October. It occured between my Neon Genesis Evangelion phase (When I started this blog…man, I’m one of the few people who still blog since then!) and my Homestuck phase (ostensibly current)…

I miss that little period. The warm up, I call it, before becoming fully obsessed with Homestuck instead…I still watch it, but I remember the charm and magic it had, taking away my troubles and encouraging me and pushing me to creativity, and teaching me how to have fun as an adult…I’m starting to tear up.

I bring up Adventure Time because, during the time I was obsessed with the show, it was Autumn and there was a little bit of frost. Also, the show’s most dramatic story arc back then centered around the Ice King and his friend Marceline. Snow was a predominate figure in my Adventure Time loving life.

The story I will make shall honor that few months where my heart and soul was for Adventure Time and only Adventure Time…before I had a tumblr, before I found my one true love (Mspaintadventures) and before I believed I had hope to go into University (In Second Year now!)

Tune in next time for whatever I come up with (when I finish it I’ll link to it below).


Link 1/2: Nutaralak: A Fantasy Story


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