Because You Want To

Inspired by a comic I read a long time ago but I’ve forgotten who wrote it

One day I was hungry and my parents weren’t home. I searched the pantry and browsed the canned soups. One can was lighter than usual. I opened it feeling half curious and half frugal.

Out popped a spirit. A thin ball of cloud the size of a baseball with a light precipitation beneath, and the light which glanced off the raindrops (the source I could not see) produced the image of a lady’s face. I call her The Face, short for The Face in the Clouds.

“Thank you for freeing me,” it said to me. “I shall grant you a gift. A talent.”

“A talent? Cool. What kind of talent,” I said.

“You will be able to write your feelings down in a way that satisfies you.”

“Is that a good talent?”

“It is an incredible talent. In fact, if you use it right, it could be a game changer.”

“Hmm. Will it impress my friends?”

“Nah. Your writing will satisfy you, not necessarily anyone else.”

“Will it help me get good grades?”

“Probably not. You might not even pass.”

“Will it get me dates?”

“I wouldn’t know. Maybe, maybe not.”

“Well, I guess it’s a cool gift. Is it the kind of gift you usually give people?”

“No. I give people gifts they want.”

“Then why did you give me this gift then?”

The Face In The Rain smiled and said to me. “Because you want it.”


In my mind, the world is a mystery. I have regrets I don’t remember, longings for goals I don’t recognize, and satisfaction in the most mundane of things. The weather is a mystery to me, the past a blur and the future frightening. My emotions are a mess.

But a blank paper is all I need to chart a map to my soul.


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