Inspiration Mining or Story Farming

To a writer thirsty for inspiration (for inspiration and drive is as addictive to a creator as cocaine) strangers in a public place are like an all you can eat buffet. If one is observant enough, everyone in a crowd of shoppers are a character, character design, or a whole story waiting for you to write. Hair styles, fashion choices, anything at all: as long as it makes you write.

Just follow the following rules and you can mine for inspiration for as long as you like:

  1. Glance, don’t glare. If you’re making anyone uncomfortable, please stop
  2. Follow the three second rule. Look at them or 3 seconds, then stop and let your imagination do the rest.
  3. Remember: make no real life assumptions while playing this game. Don’t be judgmental.
  4. If you’re at all inspired by a homeless person or person in need, donate or help them. Remember, they could have just given you the idea that will bring you to success! (I personally like to hand out bags of toiletries and even socks, but that’s just me)

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