Improvised Writing: Many Many Sentences

A whole bunch of 

  1.  My brother and I used to share the same type of facial expression when we heard something that surprised us, something that dumbfounded us, or something that was utterly balderdash. The expression involved our mouths opening wide open in a way reminiscent of the killer from “Scream.” I could see from my brother that the expression was scary, outlandish, and many times inappropriate. It often times was worse than whatever we were reacting to. Out of shame, I changed it. It was one of the many things I changed to distant myself from the person I felt to be my “inferior” older brother. To my brother: I am so sorry for thinking this way.
    I’ve been feeling really guilty about how I think about the people in my life. This sentence is a tribute to my brother, who is awesome no matter what I say about him

  2. “Megan walked among the crowds for years. So many people, coming in and out of the concrete and glass high rise buildings around her, walking on the sidewalk, thinking about getting to work, shopping, and a whole plethora of common everyday city goer thoughts. She couldn’t guess at what most of the people were thinking, actually, even if she wanted to because the city was just a realm in which she didn’t belong.”
    I thought up a sentence in the shower, forgot how it went, and wrote this inarticulate piece of prose instead. I wish I could remember the shower version. I wonder if it was any better?

  3. Wanna sell condoms to India? For, like, cheap?
    I’m all about selling condoms to places that need them.

  4. Wanna give condoms for free in the rural areas of West and South Africa?
    If this were at all realistic, I would do so

  5. Oh No! I can’t let the people in heaven know I died from tripping and falling on my own sword!”
    “Son! You’re here! But how did you die?”
    “Dad. I was a victim of a sneak attack…and the sneak attacker was MYSELF!”
    If you’re hoping for an explanation for this one…nope. Unless you consider “I follow outofcontextDnD” an explanation.

  6. I will Kill You! Then I’ll go to heaven and Double Kill You! And if there were a way to kill you even in Oblivion I WOULD DO THAT!
    I chuckle at the thought of a violent but comedic person hating someone so much they sputter this nonsense. Hatred is funny.

  7. “Wait, so the mafia’s got sci fi weapons, the police have sorcery, and we have magical girls and robots? What genre are we again and who’s got the advantage over who? Someone draw me a flowchart!”
    Genre meshing is fun.

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