What I’m Reading Now: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

It is the first novel in a long time in which I read the whole book in one day with great interest. It is a thrilling and deep novel and gave me many private epiphanies about the direction of life I was undertaking.

I always knew, even before I read the novel, that I had always been pursuing a life that amounted to nothing in the long run. I took up stock investing because it felt right at the time, but now that I think on it doesn’t. I never sold my soul by investing in Companies that stole water from African countries or anything like that, but it isn’t a particularly noble cause.

Like Changez, I have been living my life with the blinds down. Now the blinds are open, and its like the rays of light were water building up for years, pouring in and blinding me to tears. Whatever I do in life, it has to amount to at least some change.

It’s been weeks, and this novel has changed my life.


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