Writing, Stock Trade, and Martial Arts (What I’ve Been Doing Lately)

Lately I’ve been trying to get in touch with the Chinese philosophy my parents and Grandparents have been trying to instill in me since birth. Discipline and Education. Diet and Health.

Martial Arts has taken my interest lately and I’ve been studying a lot of professional martial artists, street fighting documentaries, and the like. I love reading up about form, and position, and different strikes. I have been practicing jabs myself for many years now and people I’ve talked to and demonstrated this to have said it’s an exceptional one. I’d be proud, but they didn’t say the same for my kicking techniques. Win some lose some, I suppose.

I’m still stock trading, but haven’t made a significant profit from it yet. Maybe later when I work and make enough money. For now, though, I’m making ten to fifteen every two days. Pretty good, but nothing to quit work over.

I’m so full of writing ideas but have so much college reading to do. I guess I should be grateful for my blog, which allows me to type down rough notes so I don’t forget to, one day, write these stories. They usually wind up in my drafts, though.

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