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Two Untapped Markets

You know what’s a tragically untapped market? Post-Apocalypse luxuries. I know that there are thousands of paranoid super prepared survivalists who would spend money on health packs, bunkers, knives, weapons, and medicine for even the most unlikely of theoretical apocalypses. How many of these people would want to know how to not only survive, but stay comfortable in the end times?

If anyone wants to help me write a quick, three hundred page How-To book on apocalyptic luxury lifestyles, email me up and let’s make some bank! (I’m mostly joking)

Here’s something else that’s untapped: Delinquent/Crime Fantasy fiction. Not a market, but still tragically untapped. Imagine reading a gritty, semi-realistic story about delinquents using super powers to do everything from hide drugs from cops to make cigarettes last slightly longer. Imagine hitmen taking out mob targets with magical sniper rifles that fire magic bullets (maybe they eat the bodies and leave no evidence). I’m talking Andrew Vachss level gritty crime fiction mixed with Harry Potter level magic.

If anyone’s written something like what I just described hook me up, ‘kay? (This time I’m not joking)

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