I write on scrap paper

I eat mainly offal and vegetables, go garbage rummaging for fun and profit, read free magazines about real estate and cars that they give out on the subway, and I use mainly scrap paper. In the future I plan on using a sawdust toilet and shower using a solar camping bag and collecting rainwater. My obsession with eco-friendliness is my most proud and shameful attribute.

I will write on the blank parts of scrap paper that people printed on at the library, in between the lines on expired newspaper ads and even jot down a few notes on the back of those Free Coffee Sticker Cards on McDonalds Coffee cups (I have tons of them and only so many stickers). I will write on Styrofoam cups, the insides of old tissue boxes, and even obsolete phone books.

Writing on mainly scrap paper has its economic ups. Besides being free and non-wasteful it means I’m not writing on a computer, so I don’t get distracted by the internet, or Itunes. There are downsides, however. For example, I have gotten into the habit of treating everything I write as being as disposable as the scrap I write on. Such painfully and obviously rushed stories that were written in between subway stops and during lunch hours, all printed onto recyclable paper and old receipts.

I must get back into the habit of writing with effort. With passion. With love with every pen stroke, whether I am writing on new and freshly cut lined paper, or the bum of a drunk frat boy.

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