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True Horror

You beginner horror novelists think you’re terrifying? No, you’re just visceral. True horror never sells because it’s too dangerous for the populace. True Horror is found in the back of ancient book collector’s stores, sold to museums or cultists. True Horror Stories change people. Make people grow crazy. Changes the way they look at the … Continue reading

Short story

Heroes as Metaphors: The Adventures of Social Justice Warrior!

SJW Phony: “Hey guys! Let’s pick on this Cishet-White kid! SJW Phony 2: “Your kind should never come to our neighborhood!” Cishw-kid: “But…I love tumblr! SJW Phony: “Your kind has no right to complain about being bullied!” Cishw-kid: “This *sniff* this is harassment.” SJW Phony: “You dare complain about harassment?” SJW: DID SOMEBODY SAY…HARASSMENT? *SJW … Continue reading